Post-Op Thai Ladyboys

Thai Ladyboys

I want to make a good impression with my very first shemale porn review on my review site. That's why I chose Ladyboy Pussy. It's an unusual Asian tranny site because it does focus on post-op ladyboys who have become girls. Yes, they have passed gender change surgery. An artificially created vagina is replacing a ladyboy cock with sensitive penis tissue used for a new clitoris. Post op shemales are supposed to be very beautiful and hard to tell from genetic girls. Have a look at what we found out about Ladyboy Pussy members' section.


The first Post-Op Shemale site of it's kind

I am very excited to look into this site for the first time. Many times I have seen it being advertised in various places and people said the best about it. Main membership entrance page is huge. It looks like a portal of a very popular site - actually, it shares bonus content with other ladyboy sites including Ladyboy Gold, that I will review at a later time. With LB Pussy, you do receive access to extras of different nature. Some might see it as a bonus, others will not care.
While scrolling down this huge page, I find Member Top 10 Models with a list of the most popular LBs. Guess what: Wawa is number one! Observers of Thai ladyboy sites have seen Wawa on many shemale porn sites. She was featured on all of them while she was still a pre-op, carrying a huge penis between her legs. Wawa has changed that appearance between her legs. She had her cock removed and possesses a genuine shemale vagina framed within her love triangle.

Pattaya and Bangkok Ladyboys

Altogether I was counting 35 post-op ladyboys, and most of them would qualify for the attributes "stunning" and "beautiful". Most people would not recognize them being transgender, but would believe they are genuine female beauty queens and models. Up to 20 videos and photo sets per exclusive model are available to paid members, only.
Besides a good number of videos and nude photo sets of all models - most of whom are from Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand - there are other items of interest on LB Pussy. Header navigation bar reveals links to "hotspots" providing advice about where to find venues like cabarets and bars with ladyboy hookers and lookers. "Candids" are snapshots behind the scenes of cabarets and shootings. "Extras" and "Amateurs" shows amateur filth that is not as classy as the site, but rather interesting for curious amateur ladyboy lovers.

extra bonus
When looking at sub-header navigation left hand items are actual site content. Green marked items are bonus stuff with original and good content. Further right it's nothing but advertising leading to external offers.
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